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Thanks for your understanding.

Vigilante Annie Scarlotte

While living her relatively normal life in Washington, DC, Annie becomes ill. After weeks of research and countless doctor visits, perhaps by a stroke of sheer luck, she finds  the answer as to what ails her. She is going through a type of puberty humans suffer when becoming a dhampir (which is of course, a vampire/human hybrid).


Annie's body now requires fresh, human blood. There is no other way. Animal blood will not suffice, neither will the blood from a dead human. The force of the conundrum gives Annie one choice. Moral implications are something she has a hard time dealing with, therefore carefully choosing her victims appeases her conscience. In part one, shortly after Annie has her first feeding, she describes her decision:


"Is it still morally wrong to kill? I know it is. But choosing my prey by the fruit they bear is the only way I can justify the way I must now live."


Therefore Annie chooses the evil among us, and a vigilante is born.  Other questions beg to be answered. Is her boyfriend who he says he is? What are his motives? What happened to her friend Elisa? Where are her birth parents?

Will she ever come to terms with such a horrible childhood trauma?


So what are some of the things Annie is into?

  • Coffee (with special creamer)
  • Alcohol in various forms (she vows to slow down the drinking)
  • Resistance training
  • Cheese
  • Tattoos
  • Sex (Really, this goes without saying.)

"Finally, a normal woman who has been given a gift, and she uses that gift to do what we ALL wish we could do."


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"In Annie's story, I promise a bit of everything. There is mystery, plot, suspense, humor; and

even steamy scenes!

This is NOT just another bloody vampire story."


An alpha male with Italian heritage. Annie started her relationship with Marcus not long before becoming ill. He is romantic, but can also be controlling. The type of work he does has shaped his character and added to his tendency toward power. (A SecureVest employee-now CEO/OWNER of the company)


A blonde-haired bubbly girl who, due to time and circumstances, has lost some of her bubbliness. After college, Elisa got a part time job at a video store and as a dental assistant. Her mother and father were not impressed, and this led to a falling out between her and her parents. Soon after, fate drew Elisa and Jackie together not only friends but lovers as well.


A kind, humble and loving old man. Many see him as having a grandfatherly demeanor. He is owner of Larry's Bar. In recent years, local government laws and attitudes has made owning a business difficult. For years this has been an ongoing battle for Larry. As much as he likes Annie, he is shocked when he finds out who Annie really is.


As time goes on we learn more about Damian, Annie's brother, whom she has never met. He lives in an underground world with a clan of mortals and undead.

Kim Bardner

Progressive Senator of Virginia (once married to Mason Iddings) who had her hands in the regulation pot of the District. Annie almost bit off more than she could chew when she put Bardner on her list. Now, even though Bardner is dead, more about her and her congressional team continues to surface, as do her ties to terrorism.


The leader of Stonefish, an independent watchdog group. His real name may continue to elude others; his nickname lovingly given to him by fellow computer geeks because he is confined to a wheelchair.


A well-tattooed gothic girl who met Elisa during a dark time in her life. She helped Elisa get a job at SecureVest. More about Jackie is on the way.


A foreign exchange student from Japan. She and Annie were good friends since high school and for some reason Yomo seemed to drop off the face of the Earth.


Another high school friend who drifted away. Annie swears she looks like Thelma from Scooby Doo. Last Annie heard Liz had bought into some franchise, somewhere, and was successful.

Mason Iddings

The kind and wealthy proprietor of SecureVest, an information security corporation. He is a talented cigar smoker who put too much trust in his protege Marcus.

Titus Tepes & Agatha Ramey

Annie's mother and father. Titus was an ancient vampire who died of a rare affliction that only attacks the immune system of vampires. Agatha is completely human, and resides with her son Damian (Annie's brother) with the underworld clan. (She lived in Atlanta until she felt the need to flee.) She regrets having given Annie up for adoption when she was a little girl.

The group that spawned from within SecureVest now has an official name: STONEFISH. During an impromptu meeting, Rolls presented the idea in memoriam of Eddie, an esteemed colleague, who was killed in an unfortunate fire. The name was unanimously accepted.


Although the fire was a major setback, STONEFISH has found the ultimate hiding place in which to meet. Further, as their small number slowly grows, their goals remain fluid. First and foremost they are attempting to salvage what remains of SecureVest in order to honor the late Mason Iddings. Secondly, they are a watchdog group of sorts, with a growing penchant for calling out public figures and politicians.


Securevest company in Annie Scarlotte

Many corporations, politicians,

and public figures

continue to trust


to keep their

information and



Started by entrepreneur Mason Iddings in the Fall of 1999, SecureVest has been a private company dealing in information security and internet encryption.


The company is setup without a board to keep control and focus of the company within a small circle. This circle consists of the president of the company, the vice president, and their closely held advisers. For SecureVest's clients, this also enables crucial decisions to be made on the fly and without red tape. This is a vital part of the company's success, as the nature of the business means that many times critical information must be dealt with quickly and easily.

On August 12, 2016, this site was proud to be a stop along the:

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    "There are real evil things going on in the world today, and instead of recognizing the objective truth and seeking solutions, we keep bogging ourselves down with doing the same things that get us nowhere." Sadly enough, I agree completely :(

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