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Myrica Cook

Myrica Cook on OffBeatInkBooks!
Looking happy at home in Little Berlin, Germany

Myrica Cook grew up in the land of castles and vineyards in Wiesbaden, Germany, where you could find her writing in her Journal as an impressionable young woman. At the age of 17, she moved to the United States where after the culture shock, she went on to study English and Mass Communications. Following ten years in desktop publishing in Washington, D.C., Myrica shifted her career toward an arguably more glamorous position in a hospital as an MRI Technologist.


Now living in Dayton, Ohio, Myrica is writing, dreaming of her next trip to Germany (to see her fiery 96 year old Grandmother) and trying to love workouts at the gym. Currently she is writing a new series as a member of OffBeatInkBooks. She also enjoys reading, day trips, and too much Netflix.

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Robert Kimbrell

A lonely only child, (in the seventies, mind you), little Robert could be seen running in the backyard playing superhero, with a bed sheet serving as his cape. He also spent many hours drawing or writing in his mid-sized Ohio town.


      Having also battled depression earlier in life, Robert now sees how his low points have brought him to a more creative, stronger sense of being. Now he is where he wants to be, and is telling the stories he is meant to tell. His other interests include reading, motorcycle touring, fitness & classic movies.


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Trebor Doyle

Trebor, is this really a picture of you?
Trebor, is this really a picture of you?

If the word "Hermit" could ever truly be defined by a person, Trebor Doyle is that person.

      Trebor contacted OffbeatInkBooks when he saw what were about. When we read his self-help manuscript, "Why do men have nipples?" we liked the unique direction and felt his views offered something for readers. So we published the book.

      Beyond that tidbit, it is hard to find out anything about Trebor Doyle. In fact, it's hard to even find Trebor. He's the kind of guy that contacts YOU. We do know the name Trebor Doyle is a pseudonym. Further, in speaking with Trebor on his secure line, we have been hard-pressed to find out anything substantial about him.

      We'll keep digging. In the meantime, Trebor is working on other books. Be sure to follow OBI for the latest from Trebor and our authors. 


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