SEXT; How will Grace Handle her Cheating Husband? On Amazon

Grace had three girlfriends, each with their own experiences with cheating men. Now, she is dealing with her own husband's infidelity. He perpetuates the standard excuse, "Working late on a special project" and he even has a special cell phone he uses on that project only. Grace isn't stupid, she sees the writing on the proverbial wall. With Mel's help, Grace finds a way to get revenge and find the passion she's been missing in her marriage.


Things get steamy between her and the new mystery man, but when the truth is about to be exposed, Grace's husband throws her one last twist. How will she handle it?

Jackie's Love, On Amazon

Jackie is a classy girl that ended up on the wrong side of the fence with her abusive husband.

Things look pretty grim until a man enters her life out of nowhere. She finds hope in him; he’s a

kind of man she never thought existed.


Then there is Elisa. Having dinner with her parents, Elisa thinks they will finally be proud of her and see her as an adult with individuality. But things fall apart; it’s the last straw.

From the Book:

Elisa shot from her chair and made her way to the door. “I was a naive child, more than most I think, because you fought to steer my life and control me instead of helping me grow. It had to be your way, and now that I've started thinking for myself I can see it.”


Either by luck or fate, both Jackie and Elisa meet. As they discover each other, they find that they have something-or someone, in common. They choose to deal with that commonality, and finally dismiss the notion of men altogether. The plot in this story is lined with erotic, romantic scenes, but also a slow-building, unique plot. The adventure these two girls take will surprise you. Just remember: It may be wise to deal with your problem a different way.

True Story of a Not-So-Innocent Girl, On Amazon

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She was always the quiet one, the good one, the follow-the-rules kind of girl. Yet, deep down inside she had a highly-charged carnal need to seek out the best lover of her life. This true confessional story of lust and love will take you on a journey through the ups and downs of lust, longing, and love. The author bares all as she attempts to find the “one” to fulfill her hunger. Three men through the years share her life, her bed, and their possible future with her. Go along for the ride and see which one captures her heart and quenches her craving for a life of sex ever after.

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