Trebor Doyle

Trebor, is this really a picture of you?
Trebor, is this really a picture of you?

If the word "Hermit" could ever truly be defined by a person, Trebor Doyle is that person.

      Trebor contacted OffbeatInkBooks when he saw what were about. When we read his self-help manuscript, "Why do men have nipples?" we liked the unique direction and felt his views offered something for readers. So we published the book.

      Beyond that tidbit, it is hard to find out anything about Trebor Doyle. In fact, it's hard to even find Trebor. He's the kind of guy that contacts YOU. We do know the name Trebor Doyle is a pseudonym. Further, in speaking with Trebor on his secure line, we have been hard-pressed to find out anything substantial about him.

      We'll keep digging. In the meantime, Trebor is working on other books. Be sure to follow OBI for the latest from Trebor and our authors. 

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