Author R. Kimbrell's Interview with Sakura Publishing

Q. Tell me a bit about your childhood in Ohio.

A. If one knew me growing up, I was a boring only child. But I’d like to say it was very interesting to be inside my head.
My father was abusive to my mom and me, so as you can imagine the atmosphere was always tense. I had to learn to use my imagination so I had a place to escape to. I was nervous and anxious all the time, even into young adulthood. I mean, to grow up always afraid of making your father angry or seeing him become violent towards your mother really does something to your psyche. Those who have grown up in an abusive atmosphere know what I’m talking about.
I’ve never used what happened then as an excuse in any way, but looking back I recognize how far I’ve come, and how far I still have to go.

Q. I’m sure what happened to you framed, so to speak, your writing and creative process. Your book is called Vigilante Annie Scarlotte, and it is about a woman who becomes a vampire. Tell me about Annie.

A. You’re right. Now, when I hear of kids being abused or neglected- I cringe. Or when I catch a news story about a woman whose cowardly husband abused her, I boil, as I’m sure others do. I want to take action.
That spark is what is behind Vigilante Annie. She has been blessed by a unique ability, so she decides
to use it to take action. For reasons that will be explained in the next book, Annie must have fresh
human blood every so often, or she’ll become ill again and die. So the premise of the story
is simple: to justify killing others for thier blood, Annie chooses the truly evil among us as her
victims. As you can imagine, Annie battles with the morality of doing what she has chosen to do.
She questions her fate, her purpose, and begins to be taken over by this vampire within her. She has
a sexy Italian boyfriend who is hiding things, an old friend Elisa who has been silent for some time,
and a father-figure named Larry whom she decides to tell her secret to. Like I said, the premise is
simple, but the plot and chaotic start to Annie’s bloodsucking life isn’t simple at all.

Q. Do you have anything new you’re currently in the midst of writing?

A. Actually I have several in the works. The next Vigilante Annie book is the biggest, it will be available in ebook and print, just like the anthology. There is not yet a release date set. I actually have a couple erotica titles and a couple shorts that will actually give some backstory or sidestory in the world of Vigilante Annie.

Q. So what is the next Vigilante Annie book going to be about?

A. The next Annie story is going full fantasy. In the middle of recovering from her injuries,
Annie is being taken to the underworld. There she will meet others like herself and other
diverse types of beings. The plot I cannot reveal just yet, but Annie is being brought there
for a specific reason. For anyone who has read up to now, you’ll know Annie will meet her brother and have to face her mother for abandoning her as a child.

Q. Thank you.

A. Thank you!

Anyone wanting more info can visit the free webseries HERE

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