A Job With a View -My Review

How could I NOT be a fan of Fionna Guillaume after reading this? Warning: this review, while short, may sound like hyped fluff but I promise I am being objective!

First, the length was ideal for me. Second, the entire story was compelling, and I was intrigued by not knowing what was going to happen to Cassidy. I mean, you slowly figure out what is going to happen to her, but the fact that it comes so naturally and not forced makes you think again.

That is one thing I loved about the author's style. You know you are going somewhere,

(and that Cassidy is going to have an experience) but it never seems artificial and shallowly created; and the descriptions and details always fit the narrative and never feel as though they were added just to make the book longer.

For me, the end is dramatic. I picture the scene in my mind still. What a man, what a woman, what a city!



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