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Who is Vigilante Annie?

When Mr. Burns Dies is the latest release by OffBeat Ink, author Robert Kimbrell

When Mr. Burns Dies

Some conspiracies are real.

After dedicating decades of his life to plans for a permanent world order, Mr. Burns finds himself ill, and near the end of his days. 


In his eccentric train car office, the wealthy and powerful Mr. Burns is greeted by his new apprentice named Edgar. Before Edgar can meet the committee, Burns lights up a fat cigar and begins to explain pertinent details about The Faction and an elaborate plan called Tentacles.


Enter Mizuki, the Old Man's sultry Mistress. During her brief visit to the office, Edgar is smitten; and the visit is telling: the plot has something deeper it's hiding.

What Did Mom Say? Children's Book Available on Amazon

what did mom say?

In a land of wonderful German castles and treats, a little girl discovers that her mom speaks German.

Why Do Men Have Nipples? Self-Help Available on Amazon

Why Do Men Have Nipples?

Yes, the title is here to get your attention, and it proves the author's point.


With so many distractions and attention-grabbers around us, how can we keep from getting distracted?

Are there things we accept as normal that really hinder our happiness and success?


There are easy answers, but beyond those, this book includes not only tips and quotes (and images) to get you thinking, but also articles that will make you consider many things in a different light.

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